7302 S. Kentucky Ave., Camby, IN 46113

7302 S. Kentucky Ave., Camby, IN 46113

Hybrid 52

Jensen’s Hybrid 52 is a new way to think about inground pools. Our round 52” deep inground pool is a new way to get more pool for your money.

Here are a few reasons to choose a Jensen’s Hybrid 52 pool:

  • More swimming area for your money
  • Add a touch of yourself in the choices of colors and patterns of vinyl liners
  • Less maintenance and chemicals
  • Smooth, non-slip, non-abrasive pool surface
  • Can be installed in practically any backyard
  • Much lower initial cost than other inground pools
  • Attractive and Elegant look
  • 18’ to 33’ options available

With a Jensen’s Hybrid 52 round inground pool, you will have the perfect pool for relaxing, floating, or playing water games, and with more left in the budget for the fun stuff to make your backyard a perfect vacation spot.

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