Above Ground Pools

Gone are the days of above ground pools being considered a temporary fix for a swim-thirsty family. While portability remains the same, a select few pool manufacturers have made generation after generation of improvements. The result? Above ground pools that look great and last for years. We have chosen to partner with this select few, building the same brand of above ground pools for almost thirty years. We're committed to the pools we sell and stand behind the manufactures we partner with. You can be confident when making a pool purchase from Jensen's Pools and More!

Why Choose Above Ground?

Approximately 50-percent of the pools owned in the United States are above ground. Many pool owners select the above ground option for the cost savings.

  • Lower initial cost
  • Relatively low operating and maintenance costs
  • Potential savings in property taxes for above ground pool owner
  • Large selection of designs and sizes
  • Various vinyl liner choices

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